Privacy Policy

The applications, online services, application plugins, extensions, and any other digital assets and services covered by this privacy policy may collect visitors' IP address, access dates and times, anonymized access device information. In certain applications or browser extensions, the software provided may also have access to, but do not collect, browsing data including metadata of sites visited and times of visit. This information helps our services improve and better get to know our audience to create better content on our websites, and in some cases are essential to the functionality of the applications and services we provide. No information collected by any of our services covered here collect personally identifying data, exempting IP addresses. All data collected are anonymized and stored privately if ever stored, and used for the sole purpose of product improvement and functionality.

Third-party Services

Some of the applications. websites, and services covered by this privacy policy also rely on third-party services, which help us understand our audience better and improve our products. We are not responsible for the privacy policy or other practices employed by these third-party services. This privacy policy applies solely to information collected by us.

By using applications and services covered by this privacy policy, you consent to these policies outlined here. Your use of these applications and services constitute your continuing agreement to this privacy policy and any updates.


With any questions or inquiries, please follow the contact information at or contact information provided by the application or service covered by this privacy policy.

Modified August 22, 2020